January 22, 2006

OK, sorry about that. I really meant to re-commit to this website after the previous entry, but then there was some confusion over moving the server where this is hosted, and I couldn't upload anything at all, and then I was getting ready for my thesis committee meeting and it was all just too much to think about.

But now my meeting is over. It went pretty well. My hope was that my committee would agree with me that the things I had planned to do are more or less what I need to do to finally graduate and that more or less happened. I'm shooting to have it all wrapped up in six months, a goal which I think is ambitious but feasible. At any rate, I'd have to really screw up (or have terrible luck) not to finish sometime this year, which is in accord with my "2006 is going to be better than 2005" meme.

And so far, 2006 really is better than 2005. I already mentioned that work is going well, and here are some other 2006 developments that I'm very excited about:

  • Podcasts of the Al Franken show on iTunes! I love Al Franken, but I never listen to the radio, so the podcasts are perfect for me. In the few weeks I've been listening, he's had Cass Sunstein and Hendrik Hertzberg on the show! Sad as it may sound, that is my idea of a good time. And speaking of podcasts...

  • I have a new video iPod! It was actually a Christmas present from my aunt, which I technically received in 2005, but I have gotten most of my enjoyment of it in 2006. I felt a little guilty abandoning my old one, though. We'd been through a lot together (I got it for Christmas in 2002!) But it's really heavy and is four times as thick as the new one and most importantly was starting to give hints of impending doom like periodically freezing up. But after three years of heavy use and abuse, I certainly can't complain (although apparently I have no problem with casting it aside for a new model. So heartless).

  • My shoes! A Christmas present to myself. $300 marked down to $75! I love bargains, plus I love these shoes, and they're actually very comfortable, except that I've worn them several times despite the fact that it hasn't been quite warm enough for open-toed shoes around here lately. But cold toes are a small sacrifice.

  • My new tattoo. It's going to be colored in at some date in the near future. Amazingly, after nearly two years of negotiation over this tattoo, both Iggy and I are very happy with the result thus far.

  • 10-year journalversary coming up. I can hardly believe it myself, but in May I will have been writing on the internet for ten years (albeit sporadically). However, I think that probably when that happens, I'll be taking down all or most of my archives. It's just too many pages to manage, plus a lot of that stuff is really embarrassing and sometimes things in there continue to get me in trouble. Anyway, I'm giving you fair warning in case you want to read or save any of that stuff (unlikely as that is)!

    One more good thing: it's actually sunny today. The bad part is that I think I'm going to spend most of today preparing for a talk I have to give tomorrow.

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