March 2, 2005

Wow, looks like a whole month has gone by with no entries from me (except in the music log). But I have a good excuse: I've been busy finding an apartment and moving. After several months of unofficially living together, Iggy and I are now officially living in sin.

It is kind of a shame, though, because I've had plenty of stuff to write about in the last month, just no time. But here is my condensed version of the past month:

  • First, I went to Colorado for that scientific meeting. It was a terrific meeting intellectually and professionally, but the ski resort setting had no appeal for me. I hate the cold, I hate the snow, I don't ski, I get altitude sickness (and this resort is at nearly 10,000 feet) and worst of all, it took me two days to find a place to buy a Diet Coke (all the vending machines only had Diet Pepsi!). On top of that, I felt like a dork the whole time because the only winter coat I still have is my old parka from when I lived in Boston, which is huge and puffy--parka technology seems to have improved dramatically in the last 10 years, because I looked like the Michelin Man compared to everyone else. Oh, and it also had a bunch of stains all over it, which I didn't realize until I got there. I also realized upon my arrival that my only hat had been eaten by moths. I could have just bought a new one, but it didn't seem worthwhile (also, I was feeling poor, because I had to pay for the trip up front and only got reimbursed for it this week).

    I did, however, try to take advantage of the setting and decided to go on a snowshoeing trip. The woman I was rooming with, who was from Japan but lives in San Francisco now, went snowshoeing, too. She also was unsure of her outfit, and as we rode the bus to the base of the slope, asked me "do I look stupid?" "No," I replied truthfully, "you look cute! Do I look stupid?" She looked me over, and equally truthfully said "no, except for your hat."

  • After I got back from Colorado, Iggy and I started apartment hunting in earnest. All the places we ended up seeing we found through Craigslist, which, I think, worked out well for us ultimately, but there is certainly some skill involved in sussing out which places are worthwhile to look at. Anything that advertises "very clean" is probably a bad bet, for example (I don't have anything against cleanliness, but rather I expect it as sort of a minimum baseline standard rather than a selling point). Anyway, we looked at a zillion places, but the one we wound up with was the obvious choice for both of us. It's a nice old building in a location that's closer to work for both of us, and the rent was quite reasonable for the size and location.

    Even though it's only a 10-minute walk away from our old place, we're now technically in a different neighborhood, one that has quite a different reputation from my old one. Yes, we live in Cole Valley now, which is considered one of the premier yuppie areas of San Francisco. However, Iggy refuses to admit this, and has decided that he will tell people we live in [our street name] Heights. I think that name sounds kind of snooty, too, but I guess it doesn't have the associations Cole Valley does. At any rate, despite the yuppie factor, it's really not such a bad place to live.

  • And now the last couple of weeks have been occupied with moving and buying furniture and repainting old furniture and deciding where everything is going to go. We spent five hours in IKEA on Presidents' Day, and I'm still trying to recover from that. We actually found a lot of stuff that day: a kitchen table, a dining room table, a magazine rack, and an ugly chair that Iggy fell in love with. (Isn't that one of those stereotypical gender things every man has to have? A comfortable but ugly chair? Anyway, it was a compromise--he got to have the chair and I got to have the purple velvet sofa). But when we got home, we realized that we were missing all the hardware for one table, and the all the leaves for the other table! So, we got to go back there this weekend, and guess what? They screwed up the hardware for the one table AGAIN, so I'm never going back to IKEA ever again. OK, at least not for a while.

    The move itself was another ordeal. The two of us have a lot of stuff, and I'd been in my old apartment for six and a half years, which means that I was pretty deeply entrenched there. Jen and Shannon helped out, though, and somehow everything got moved (our official moving day was Monday, but it's been an ongoing process). We're still unpacking and arranging furniture, and the DSL is not working yet (and somehow in the process of trying to sort that out I managed to screw up the dialup access, too) and the stereo and the kitchen table are still in pieces, and we're trying to deal with the fact that the living room only has one grounded electrical outlet in it but the place is fundamentally habitable. And that's a start.

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