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October 4-6, 2002

JournalCon 2002 News:

10/7/02: The page of JournalCon entries is now up here. Don't forget to post or send in the link to yours!

10/6/02: Well, it's all over for this year! Thank you so much to everyone who attended! We will be compiling a page of links to people's JournalCon diary entries, so if you've written one, post the URL here or e-mail it to Jen.

8/14/02: Amanda has set up a Nibelung Ring with the sites of all the JournalCon 2002 participants. It's an easy way to check everyone out before you meet them, or to see what you're missing!

8/8/02: Thinking of installing Movable Type? We are very excited that Ben and Mena Trott, developers of Movable Type, will be giving a session on using it!

8/7/02: Check out the Attendees page and the Programming page to see who's registered so far and who's going to be speaking. And we still have a few big surprises up our sleeves!

7/25/02: Another reason to visit San Francisco: the new Lush store should be open in time for JournalCon! Also, the newly refurbished Union Square opens to the public today

6/28/02: A new page listing this year's registered attendees is now up.

5/25/02: Registration is now open!

5/20/02: We've added a page to the website describing some of the JournalCon 2002 programming in the works. Look for this page to be updated often as the content of the conference comes together.

3/4/02: United Airlines is the official airline of JournalCon 2002. See the transportation page for information on how to book a discounted flight to San Francisco for JournalCon.

2/20/02: Instructions for making JournalCon reservations at the Galleria Park Hotel are now posted on the hotel page.

2/13/02: We are very happy to announce that the site for JournalCon 2002 will be the Galleria Park Hotel! See the hotel page for more information on rates.

2/5/02: The dates for JournalCon 2002 have been set: Friday, October 4-Sunday, October 6.

1/18/02: Ryan has made some beautiful banners for this year's con. Download this one or that one!

1/17/02: The organizers are thrilled that San Francisco will be the site of JournalCon 2002!

For additional information regarding JournalCon 2002, contact Jen Wade.

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