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JournalCon 2002 Programming:

All JournalCon programming is open only to registered JournalCon attendees.

Sessions: Sessions will be held on the mornings of Saturday, October 5, and Sunday, October 6.

"Can't Help Myself: Thematic journals"

Moderated by Lucy
Panelists: Molly Zero, Renee, SlaveGirl

"Full Disclosure: How much is too much?"

Moderated by Lucy
Panelists: Jill, Lisa, and Steve Amaya

"How to have the most popular journal ever in the history of universe"

Moderated by Mo
Panelists: Beth, Kymm, Pineapple Girl

"Kiss and Tell: Writing about sex in your online journal"

Moderated by Jen
Panelists: Javina, Lunesse

"Life After Journalling"

Moderated by Mo
Panelists: Diane Patterson, Eleanor Mason

"Journalling with Movable Type"

Panelists: Ben Trott and Mena G. Trott, developers of Movable Type

"Online Personas in the post-Kaycee era"

Moderated by Beth
Panelists: Karen, Kymm, Lynda

"The Pamie Panel"

Panelists: Pamie + special guest

"Writing for Fun and Profit"

Moderated by Mo
Panelists: Evany Thomas, John Scalzi, Sarah Bunting

Activities: Various organized activities will be taking place throughout the weekend

Opening Banquet: This dinner will be held on Friday evening at approximately 7 p.m. at a restaurant to be announced soon. The cost of the dinner is included in the conference registration price, although drinks will be extra.

Readings: Journal readings will be held on Saturday evening, and if there is enough demand, on Sunday afternoon. Sign-up sheets will be posted for anyone who wants to read, so be sure to bring a print-out of a favorite entry. In the interest of allowing everyone to participate, we ask that journallers read only one entry, and that their reading be limited to five minutes.

Alcatraz Tour: On Saturday afternoon, we will be leading a group on a tour to Alcatraz Island, home to the infamous prison and now a national park. This is no run-of-the-mill tourist attraction, but a fascinating historical site, and the ferry trip to the island affords a wonderful view of the San Francisco skyline and the Golden Gate Bridge. For more information see the Alcatraz Island web page.

Karaoke: It's become a JournalCon tradition--Saturday night karaoke. We will be leading a group to an excellent neighborhood karaoke joint, which has been specially selected by a crack scouting team of JournalCon karaokeistas. Other options will be presented for those of you who don't like karaoke, or who don't like seeing their friends make fools of themselves.

Dashiell Hammett Tour: This tour will be offered on Sunday at noon. Travel with Don Herron over the fog-shrouded hills stalked by Sam Spade, the Continental Op, and other legendary characters created by San Francisco's most renowned mystery writer. During this walk you'll see every place Hammett is known to have lived in the City and the majority of locales from his classic novel, The Maltese Falcon. For more details visit Don Herron's webpage. Tour time isapproximately 3 hours, winding up with a drink at Hammett's favorite steakhouse near Union Square. The tour costs $10.00 and is payable at the time of the tour.

(All programming is subject to change.)

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