The 3 Fast, 3 Furious Drinking Game

Submitted by Leisha, who specifies that the drink must be Blue Smurf Piss:

  • If anyone says "basically," everyone takes a lady-like sip.
  • If anyone says "actually," everyone takes a sizable gulp.
  • If anyone says, "podhole," everyone quaffs all thatŐs left of her drink, the podcast is paused while more are prepared, after which the girls all engage in a "lightning round" of brief drinking stories.

    Submitted by Dave Herrin:

  • Someone mentions the "viewers" 1 drink
  • Someone uses the word "podhole" 2 drinks
  • Someone uses the word "telephony" 3 drinks
  • Shannon or Jen Wade says "NERT" 1 drink
  • Someone mentions "the button" or "the red button" 2 drinks
  • Someone corrects another Furious Girl's grammar 1 drink
  • Wendy talks about her neighbors 2 drinks
  • Someone mentions their boobs 2 drinks
  • Someone makes a reference to Jen Wade's height (or lack thereof) a small sip
  • Shannon mentions her hematophobia down it(1)
  • Shannon mentions her stalker 2 drinks
  • Someone mentions the Gay Trucker 2 drinks
  • Someone mentions a tattoo 1 drink
  • Someone declares that she or one of the other Furious Girls is drunk 3 drinks
  • Someone mentions their online journal/blog/diary 1 drink
  • Everyone someone mentions another Furious Girl's online journal/blog/diary 1 drink
  • A Furious Girl mentions a non-Furious Girl's online journal/blog/diary 2 drinks
  • A Furious Girl describes another Furious Girl's look/behavior/antics(2) 1 drink
  • Someone other than Jen Wade says "fuck" or some variation of it 1 drink
  • Jen Wade swears 4 drinks
  • Jen Fu or Mo Pie descend into hysterics 1 drink (3)
  • The conversation veers off topic for more than two minutes 1 drink
  • The conversation veers off topic for more than four minutes 2 drinks
  • Someone mentions the 3 Fast 3 Furious Drinking Game down it
  • Jen Fu isn't there 2 drinks
  • Another Furious Girl isn't there 4 drinks
  • There's an 80's rap song during a break 1 drink
  • Someone mentions their current boyfriend or husband 1 drink
  • Esteban is a special guest 3 drinks
  • Ian is a special guest 3 drinks
  • Iggy comes home during a podcast 2 drinks
  • You hear Iggy's voice during a podcast 3 drinks
  • Iggy is a special guest 4 drinks
  • Someone speaks with a member of the Wade family 4 drinks
  • Someone mentions Dr. Wade 2 drinks
  • Someone mentions how the Jews start all the wars down it
  • A technical snafu causes the recording to stop unexpectedly or to lose a conversation 1 drink
  • When Jen Fu finishes her MFA down it
  • When Jen Wade finishes her PhD drink the whole six pack/bottle

    (1) More appropriately, pound drinks until you pass out.

    (2) Example: "Jen Fu is laughing so hard she has turned pink," or "Jen Wade is holding her head in her hands."

    (3) Take 2 drinks if Mo Pie and Jen Fu laugh hysterically together.

    Submitted by Jen Wade:

  • If anyone ends a segment by saying "...and on that note..." 1 drink

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